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Illume products offer a superior alternative to the conventional skylight shiny tube system

Most every home, office, factory and commercial building has dim areas that we would prefer were better lite.   Illume have a wide range of solar skylight lighting products that will astound you with their intensity and will illuminate the darkest of areas.

Illume Skylight works by imitating the natural lighting level prevailing outside.  There is a small solar collector mounted on the roof outside, generally facing the North.   As with conventional skylights, the system adjusts itself to the lighting conditions outside as the suns moves across the shy.   There is a slim wire connecting the solar collector to your choice of attractive internal LED light fitting installed above or around the dark recess.

The Illume superior Skylight alternative is low voltage and safe to use.   It can be installed in any room, on any floor of any residence, commercial property or public building.


  • Illume is the superior skylight alternative
  • Do not require direct access to the roof space
  • Install Illume in basements, walk-in wardrobes, internal bathrooms, pantries, etc.
  • No heat transfer from outside to inside the space
  • Zero operating cost as the sun provides the energy to illuminate
  • No leaks as the roofing material remains intact
  • No bugs can get inside as there is no straight path for them to access.
  • Can be dimmed or powered from mains via a simple remote fob.
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