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Illume Dimming Switch

Occasionally, you may want to dim or switch off your Illume solar panel.   Maybe it is situated close to the media room and the extra light is distracting when you want to watch a movie.

The Illume Dimming Switch is a small fob that allows you to adjust the light level as you wish.   Ask about this option when you discuss your overall needs.

remote dimmer kit with receiver

Illume Mains Power

Now that you have your Illume lighting solution installed in that dark recess, you may want to light this area at night too.   Illume offer a mains power kit that will work with your Dimming Switch to connect to household power.   Your Illume ceiling light will now work from the Solar panel during the day and mains power at night giving you any lighting level at any time.   When used with the mains power, you will be consuming paid electrical energy as with a conventional light fitting.

Illume Dimming and Mains Power Fob Features:

  • Use as on/off switch or Dimmer
  • Up to 30m range
  • Up to 4 Illume panes can be controlled
  • Remote control – no wall switch
  • The system resets overnight
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